ID: N07

The dagger is a double-edged (but not necessarily ours does) melee weapon with reinforced rib. Closer blade fits puzzling (recharge) wounded game, or as a weapon of self-defense when the hunter when crawling methods for treating infected wild boar. Very interesting is the fact that the first flint daggers oběvují past 20 000 years BC and still have their place in the army against the struggle of man against man jimy are equipped with overflow units and other special units. Our dagger has riveted construction, or to rap the blade is deployed auspices at her leather ring itself wooden handle, another leather ring and pear. The entire structure is prolepena quality epoxy glue. Leather rings serve as a flexible liner to prevent splitting wood handles.

  • Handle Lenght5,12″
  • Blade Lenght 8,27″
  • Overall Lenght 12,99″
  • Weight10,2 oz.
  • MaterialTorsional Damascus made of 40 layers
  • HandlePear wood