Eduard Vyoral

Eda is our main blacksmith at Sharp Blades. He started to be interested in this craft when was just a little boy. It was the time he forged little knifes from nails for his friends and it was all made with hairdryer in improvised forge made from bricks on a piece of old rail. As the time went on his interest in this craft started to get deeper. And when he was in ninth grade choosing where to go next, artistic blacksmith was a clear choice. When he got on his first school practice, he brought his first damask knife and showed it to his master. His master realised that he can’t teach him anything new and so it happened that Eda beacame the first firstgrader to be sent to a external workplace. After some time next success arrived. Blacksmith Eda got special award from Luhačovice vocational college for production of damascus steel. Since that moment he completely stopped hesitating about what to do in his life. His graduation work was also a damask knife and nowadays it goes from one exhibition to another (including international blacksmith meeting – Hefaiston) and it also represents his school. After finishing high school blacksmith Eda lived for a while in „from hand to mouth“ kind of way of life until he realised that if he will keep on making handmade weapons and knifes of the highest quality based on demands of the customers and if he will improve himself constantly, the success must come. Merging with the Sharp Blades enterprise was a great choice and thanks to that our designs, quality and precise manufacturing were born and since then we make weapons for you everyday and with passion.


Adam Čeladín

Adam is the father of Sharp Blades enterpise. Thanks to his love for weapons and thanks to his experiences with shooting shows and  reviews he selects only the best pieces of  weaponry.

Adam is the creator of the internet-TV show named ŠKOLA PŘEŽITÍ (transl. SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL) where he teaches the viewers how to protect themselves using Krav maga. He got this going together with the prezident of IKMF (Krav Maga federation) named Michal Otipka.

He realised that he really enjoys producing action videos. And that is why he decided to start the NIČENÍ POVOLENO project (transl. DESTRUCTION ALLOWED) which reveals the actual damage of weapons using series of slow motion scenes by a high speed camera.

Besides weapons and the defense against them, Adam is interested in extreme situations a man can experience and in ways of preparing for them. He found out that the most important thing is to have a knife! He produced a internet-TVshow about this topic named VÝJIMEČNÝ STAV (transl. STATE OF EMERGENCY).

Adam is always available for you an he is prepared to tune up your original weapon to its finest detail.

Do not hesitate and contact him.